What is Photopolymer Film?

Photopolymer film, originally a product of the electronics industry, offers several options to transfer paintings, drawings, photocopies and digital printouts to the plate.

This photosensitive film has to be laminated to a plate. The image (a positive on transparent paper or film) is transferred to the plate by UV-light exposure. The exposed plate is then developed and printed.


Technical Information
Photopolymer Film is made by Hitachi Chemical; Photec H6-238, 40 microns, 300mm & 610mm width.


The uses of Photopolymer Film
Photopolymer Film (otherwise known as Photec) is used by Printmakers using the photopolymer etching techniques promoted by Green Door Printmaking Studio (and other studios like it). It is also utlised in other similar printmaking techniques (such as Keith Howard’s Intaglio – Type).

Workers using plating processes and associated chemicals in the PCB Industry use Photopolymer film as a means to produce printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Photopolymer film is also used by Jewellers, who use it to transfer artwork or design to metal.

Our high resolution film which is now available, is likely to be used in all of the above processes. It was previously stocked and sold online by Sally Dyas.